Peter Vernon

peterPeter has developed his own style, and is self-taught. He balances an understanding of the properties of wood with his appreciation of flowing lines and form. His work reflects his love of nature - his inspiration.

He works mainly with locally sourced British hardwoods that can come from ecologically managed woodlands, hedging or the casualties of storms. Peter likes to be involved in every process, from sourcing the timber through to planking some of the wood on his own sawmill. Then the long process of air drying begins, which will take several years before he can start work on a piece of sculpture.

Peter has also created his own method of dyeing, sealing and polishing his work. This has taken him many years to perfect, and with some pressure from the galleries he supplies to name this unique style of finish, he finally decided on a made up word, which uses part of his surname, and called it Vernised .

His work is exclusively displayed, and only available for purchase, via a few selected galleries - mainly situated in the South West of England.