small stingray sculpture in vernised ripple figured sycamore

Collection: Wall Sculptures, Sculptures

small stingray sculpture in vernised ripple figured sycamore

400 long x 230 wingspan x 40mm deep

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    A customer at the Dansel Gallery enquired if anyone still made Stingray sculptures, as a craftsman, many years ago, did have some in the gallery. Danielle, the gallery owner, emailed me to see if was I interested, as she thought it would suit my style of work, and with this request was attached an image of an earlier stingray she used to sell. However, I was not happy to try and copy a previous artists work , so I set about researching stingrays, images on the web etc. and finally did my own drawings and designed and made two versions, one large and one smaller sized. The stipulation that I made with Danielle was that she would put them in the gallery for sale as I do not make commissioned work and if her customer wanted to buy one all well and good - anyway he did buy one (the large version) and it was purchased for friends that they had living on the Cayman Islands, who would hand feed the Stingray's in the warm seas adjoining their property.